Beeswax Wrap, the cling wrap made by bees

Bees can provide us with an all-natural alternative to traditional food wrap called Beeswax Wrap: a new eco-sustainable, organic cotton material soaked in beeswax. Distributed in Italy by 4You Design (, this exclusive cotton wrap revolutionizes the kitchen because it allows one to preserve food in a completely natural way and simultaneously get rid of single-use plastic and foil.

100% natural, sustainable handmade, compostable, easily washed and reusable for a year, Beeswax enwraps food in ecological ingredients and protects them from microbes and bacteria. The GOTS-certified organic cotton coming from India is processed and protected with a layer of beeswax (with additives of jojoba oil and pine resin) which has been naturally collected from beekeepers in a protected environment. This combination creates a malleable wrap with natural antibacterial properties and is reusable with any food.

Plus, there is also a Vegan Wrax Wap which contains no beeswax, but is protected with candelilla wax, pure soy wax, coconut oil and pine resin. Beeswax wrap can be reused for a year and, once used, can be easily regenerated at home thanks to small cubes of beeswax which the brand supplies. All you need to do is spread a “square” of wax on the wrap and attach it with an iron to have it looking new.

Practical, colorful and sustainable, Beeswax Wrap is the natural answer to those looking for all-round wellness (in the kitchen and elsewhere).



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