A Designer Bathroom Collection from Duravit & Philippe Starck: Soleil

To create a natural and calming atmosphere in the bathroom, Philippe Starck thought of something as light-hearted as a day at the seaside and turned it into a new series for Duravit. Its name is Soleil and it’s a compact range of washbasins, fixtures, and bathtubs which have a natural softness.

The light lines of Duravit bathrooms

For Duravit, the German company with over 200 years of history in ceramic production, the bathroom must be a space for relaxing and wellness. They believe that each of its elements should be looked after in both aesthetics and functionality. Not by chance, Duravit’s bathrooms are the product of collaborations with prestigious designers who are able to turn everyday objects, like ceramic and bathroom furniture, into unique and eye-catching pieces of furniture. And one of the designers they collaborate with is the enfant terrible of design: Phillipe Starck.

“I always said that the bathroom has to become a wet living room. But no one understood me. Apart from Duravit. That’s why I love Duravit!”

Philippe Starck’s idea for the Soleil collection

The French designer’s inspiration for the new Soleil collection came from the idea of a bathroom space which is as carefree and light as a day spent at the seaside. In fact, every one of its elements gives off serenity and calm thanks to their delicate and compact look. The lines are modern without being eccentric (and therefore will last a long time), with the interior of the basins recalling the silhouettes of dunes formed by the wind and the fine borders imitating where the sea meets the sand. As Phiippe Starck tells us, once crashed, even the biggest waves dissipate and disappear on the sand with a fine and fluid line. The setting chosen by Duravit to introduce Soleil is perfect for expressing the mood: a bathroom with large windows in a beach house, with a freestanding bathtub facing the sea. Tell us where we sign!

Style details and materials

Washbasins and bathtubs

The Soleil washbasins with their soft borders and fluid lines offer large, easy-to-clean spaces: the perfect design for daily use no matter what washbasin type or size. Vanity consoles, washbasins and built-in basins get combined with both the more casual D-Neo furniture and the more elegant XSquare series. Plus, unique in the range, the external edge of the washbasins is thin and designed to protect from water spillage. This latter detail was also masterfully replicated by Starck on the Soleil bathtubs.

In fact, the bathtubs are the highlight of this collection, which has the advantage of offering various options in terms of materials and installations: from the acrylic built-in bathtubs to the central model with DuraSolid® technology. The freestanding oval bathtub, the clear star of the series, has everything it takes to become a bestseller. Designed and made as a single piece, it occupies little space despite providing ample comfort. The soft lines and the velvety surface are even striking in smaller bathrooms. And, last but not least, Soleil is in a lower price range compared to the other ones designed by Starck for Duravit.


The project’s sensibility is also evident in the Soleil toilets: the easy-to-grab lid, the slow-closing mechanism, and the wondrous HygieneFlush technology which guarantees superior hygiene. The antibacterial levels are at their highest in the models covered with the special HygieneGlaze with its bactericidal properties.