DuraSolid®, mineral excellence in the bathroom

COVER: Dravit, DuraSquare Collection

Durability lies in the DNA of Duravit, the brand specialized in bathroom fixtures and furniture. Its own name reveals its intentions of high-quality, long-lasting products. Not by chance, standing outing among its responsible choices of materials which include acrylic, wood and ceramic, there is the new DuraSolid® composite in two versions: DuraSolid®A and DuraSolid®Q.

DuraSolid®A is a highly versatile mineral material. Durable and pleasant to touch, this material allows for the creation of unique forms through the design of sharp edges and a combination of 3D elements without joins, which creates a truly distinctive trait (as for example in the Cape Cod bathtub designed by Philippe Starck). The matte and velvety surface is extremely durable and slip-resistant. Plus, it maintains its color and quality in the case of surface damage thanks to its full-body coloring.

On the other hand, DuraSolid®Q is an innovative mineral composite with a matte surface which recalls the look of natural stone. Slightly shiny and full-body colored in three variants (anthracite, sand and white), it allows for the creation of exclusive designs (see Stonetto by EOOS) and its solidity and density ensure a slip-resistant surface which is impact-proof and scratchproof.

Both create a new atmosphere in the bathroom with a sophisticated aesthetic, a soft and pleasant texture, and safety combined to practicality. These are the pros of DuraSolid® which, in addition to remaining intact over time, ensures the most in beauty with a simple swipe of a sponge and delicate soap.

It all adds up to contemporary style dedicated to wellness and functionality.