Relaxation and the home

It’s almost time for those first chills and showers, and the home is about to change. As the days get shorter we long for a warmer and more welcoming home, a space where silence and simplicity take first place. This setting is conducive to thinking or spending some time with a good book or watching your favourite TV show snuggled under a blanket. The home has always been a refuge from the outside world. 

The message is clear, you need comfortable and flexible furniture for a relaxing space where wellbeing reigns supreme.

We’ve asked Roberto Giardinieri for his advice. Roberto Giardinieri is the owner of the interior design store STYLARREDO Design, known for its focus on superior quality furniture. He prides himself of working with a highly skilled team, who tirelessly works with the clients to satisfy their exact specifications, relying on cutting edge design.


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