Swapping a bath for a shower, ideas and examples

COVER: Font shower cubicle, TDA

The bathtub tends to be used as the centrepiece of a bathroom in modern-classic style: until not very long ago, there was a bathtub in almost every bathroom as it was considered the focal point of the entire room. However, in recent years we’ve been witnessing a reversal of trends. In fact, many people have decided to replace a bathtub with a shower cubicle, essentially because it makes the most of the available space and avoids wasting water. And shower designs have increasingly become more innovative: aside from becoming more affordable, sustainable and having more powerful jets, the latest styles are guaranteed to improve your relaxation and personal wellbeing.

Are you thinking of removing your bathtub and replacing it with a shower cubicle? On the market, there are many different styles and you don’t necessarily have to turn your bathroom upside down to install one. Plus, if you’d like to find one befitting your personality, then you should look for the right products to complement your personal style.

We’ve asked Gabriella Ghiotto, sales manager of the interior design store Punto Fuoco and Sonia Delponte the design and sales manager of said store, ways to restyle your bathroom without altering it completely and what kind of details you should be looking out for. Set up in 2003, young interior design store Punto Fuoco focuses on ceramic tiles, bathroom furniture, wood-burners and pellet stoves.


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