Parquet vs wood-effect porcelain stoneware

With the warmth of wood, natural veining, the appeal of a broken-in material and feel of ancient atmospheres, parquet instantly warms up the space and provides an enveloping touch to the entire home. That’s why porcelain stoneware mimics its style and is constantly going for more realistic imitations. Not considering personal tastes, they are two completely different materials which also offer different kinds of performance and characteristics. Is wood flooring which gets worn out and scratched better than a porcelain stoneware tile which remains unaltered and “just” goes for the visual effect of wood grain and veining? If you are unsure of which fan club to join, check out our selection. You will find natural proposals which gets the most out of a wood’s age and ones with an original ceramic providing contemporary atmospheres with a burnt-cedar effect or a wood and concrete mix. They are all ready to win you over with their style and fall at your feet.


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