Tian by Lema, elegance in sight

COVER: Lema, Tian wardrobe – design Officinadesign

A completely transparent, modular wardrobe seems like a strange (and not very practical) idea, and yet Tian, Lema’s latest proposal, surprises and wins you over at first sight. Tian means “sky” in Chinese and this entirely glass wardrobe provides you with a “sky view”.

Also made for the center of the room, this display case ties together, frees up, splits up and brightens up the room. There is a delicate and flawless balance between form and content and the interior and exterior. The result is a wardrobe with an exquisitely contemporary and innovative design.

Technology lies at its core as the wardrobe’s structure is made up of an aluminum frame which is externally sealed by 4 mm thick panels in tempered glass (in the transparent ExtraLight versions smokey gray or reflective bronzed), while internally they open through a compartment.

It is the flush glass which provides the project’s hi-tech core: a technological bonus with a strong aesthetic impact, where the full-size and uninterrupted surface becomes a sort of sky dome.

Made to measure, Tian is a part of the Armadio al Centrimetro program where you can design various compositions and choose between Dandy hinged doors or Open (without doors) and a series of optional accessories for the interior: dressers, pants racks, belt racks, shoes racks, clothes racks, shelves, LED lights with dimmers, and synthetic leathers inserts for drawers and jewelry boxes. All of these come in countless finishes which can be expertly matched to create a customized project for a luxurious wardrobe to show off in plain sight.


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