FerreroLegno opens the doors to its new Brera Concept Space

Ferrerolegno is opening the doors onto Milano Design Week 2022 with a new showroom in the heart of Brera. Versatile and functional at the same time, the FerreroLegno Brera Concept Space is a new space aimed at architects and interior designers which project professionals and customers into futuristic and ideal microcosms.

The event kicking off this concept store is called “Doorway to future” and is taking place from June 6-12, 2022. Inside you will be able to touch the quality, finishes and materials of the brand’s doors with your hands and discover the worlds that the brands’ door open onto: Future, Design, Sustainability, Awareness, Territory and Material. The visit will be an experimental and immersive journey through three architectonic doorways which are iconic FerreroLegno flush door models: Cristal Basic Zero, Exitlyne Zero Iride and ULTRAopaco. In addition to the doorways, there will be a material library with a space where the sector’s professionals can interact and create optimal designs.

The 120-sqm space exhibits the values of this brand which was founded in 1950 as a small artisanal workshop and has quickly gone on to become a specialized and renowned company. It has become recognized not only for its knowhow, but also, and especially, for its constant research into high-quality raw materials.

“The opening of the FerreroLegno Brera Concept Space is the first phase of in-depth and fascinating tale where cultural heritage, history, territory, values, design, research, material and technology work together to expand knowledge of the products and the company’s history,” explained Ilaria Ferrero, the brand’s general manager. In fact, the augmented reality in the space will contribute to disseminating and sharing the contents connected to the brand’s values, providing visitors with an immersive and engaging experience. The space has been conceived of as a meeting place for professionals (private spaces by appointment), but also as a place for events to turn the location into a new national and international reference point. It is the perfect place for getting to know FerreroLegno’s proposals and their potential.

Where: FerreroLegno Brera Concept Space, via Brera 16, Milan, Italy