The perfect springtime table is chic and charming

COVER: La DoubleJ, Flora&Fauna

In an ode to springtime and femininity, the table is celebrating Women’s Day with a floral explosion and a charming invitation to invigorating beauty. Bright patterns and bold colors get mixed and matched on this table setting which pairs a botanic tablecloth with berries, stars and blossoms to purposefully mismatched plates decorated with natural designs. Meanwhile, the colorful glasses recall ancient tableware but, instead of the classic golden border, go for a vibrant and contrasting palette. And what about the cutlery? In order to give the table one last touch of sparkling opulence, there is minimalist and contemporary cutlery in gold. Among bouquets of fresh flowers and golden gleams, the latest in elegance is dressed for spring.

Style details

The floral tablecloth.

With naïve designs and bright colors, this is the modern and chic version of the classic flowered tablecloth.

The mismatched plates.

Whether they have block color edges or flower-covered surfaces, what’s important is that they are freely mixed and matched so the tableware acquires a fresh appeal.

The golden cutlery.

Essential, modern, and golden, this cutlery is perfect for lighting up the table every day or on important occasions.

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