Maxalto Atelier, the tailor who designs your home

COVER: Maxalto, Lucrezia Soft sofa

Born from and built on an idea of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, Afra and Tobia Scarpa, Maxalto conceives of timeless classics which are able to design custom atmospheres. It is a brand which is dedicated to design and an emblem of neo-classic yet modern furniture.

Neo-classic means proposing forms and finishes from the past with an exquisitely contemporary perspective which is able to connect the visions of austere masters like Le Corbusier to more liberal ones like Jean Michel Frank. Plus, they always do it with a little something extra, because the strength of this brand lies in its customization. Alongside the rich and variegated furniture collection, there is the Maxalto Atelier service which offers the possibility of customizing some of the catalog’s products with an absolutely artisanal approach—from Alcova to Lithos, Febo and Xilos to name a few.

The experience of interior design is at the heart of Maxalto’s philosophy. Finding the perfect chromatic pairing, selecting textures and materials with care, focusing meticulously on details and craftsmanship are the brand’s secrets for always creating an impeccable atmosphere. It’s not by chance that the Maxalto Atelier pieces of furniture are true “tailormade projects” which are unique and made to size for the clients, just like at an atelier.

The exclusiveness of Atelier Maxalto does not, however, only lie in this service, but in the project’s heart. It is a space where one can, for all intents and purposes, “experience” the collections. Inside the flagship and single-brand stores we can touch the fabrics and materials with our hands, choose the colors and customize the finishes based on our needs together with the interior designer. In this way, we can instantly design and test our dream home.


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