Paradise on the rooftops of Milan

We set the scene: north-west Milan, near Rho-Fiera, a sprawling urban hinterland chaotically built in a variety of different styles, which range from veritable architectural masterpieces to grating property speculations. However, even in this area it has been possible to build a little slice of heaven. A CEO of an international communication’s agency, his partner and their young daughter, have turned the eighth and last floor of a brand new block of flats into their dream home. In fact, they have managed to turn this blank canvas into a safe haven, where they can hide away from the stress of city living. 

The main specification of this project: a large roof terrace. Our couple loved having a balcony in their previous home and were keen to transfer this pleasure to their new place. After a long search, their finally found a flat, very close to both of their parents, which could potentially become their dream home. And they found it, almost by chance, walking passed a building site and seeing the billboard of a new block of flats; the foundations hadn’t even been laid yet. The top floor penthouse was still unsold, so they could still agree on all the interior specifications.

Bulky technical details have been carefully hidden. For example: the structural frame of the swimming pool is concealed under the mezzanine floor, solar panels for heating water are fitted on top of the roof. What you have here is a little corner of heaven.

Essential to the lifestyle of our business-man and his family: an enchanting home to welcome family and friends, which can also make a statement when entertaining business partners and colleagues. The roof terrace, nearly the same size as the whole apartment, is divided in three different areas: swimming pool, “lounge” and outdoor kitchen, fitted with a barbecue for summer parties.

Refurb of a metropolitan penthouse

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A large roof terrace, slatted timber patio and white seating: this is a classic scheme which reminds us of our holidays. Tables, armchairs and sofa from the InOut collection by Gervasoni.

A luxury home which is at the same time beautiful and functional: this is not a contradiction. The lady of the house has personally chosen the interior, guided by the expert advice of the architects Colla Arredi, who have supervised all of the design stages. Hospitality above all. This doesn’t surprise us, as communicating with people is exactly the line of work of the man of the house. Guests are greeted by a large open-plan space, which opens onto the roof terrace. This includes kitchen, dining room and living room. 

Penthouse: 140 square metres. Roof terrace plus balcony: 120 square metres. While there were clear boundaries for the outdoor space, there was a lot more scope for the design of the interior. The owners decided to have two separate bedrooms built; each one with en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet. A spacious laundry room, which can also double up as a store room, leads on to the service balcony. And this keeps the flat clutter free.  

For anyone, but especially for those who, like our CEO, travel around the world for work, coming home is something extremely special. A perfectly planned home, a spectacular outdoor space to enjoy with family and friends: this is the stuff of kings! 

Summing up: this is a real jewel, especially for parents, relatives and even the little girl, who can roam about and enjoy splashing in the pool with all her little friends.

Design project

Refurb of a metropolitan penthouse

Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Private

Size: 140 sqm + 120 sqm roofterrace 

Design project: Mario Guano and Cristina Colla architects

Interior design and furniture: Colla Arredi srl, Alessandria, Italy

Lighting design: Colla Arredi, lights by Flos and Davide Groppi

Construction: Edilizia Vanerio sas, Novate Milanese (MI)

Photos: Courtesy Colla Arredi

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