Living Divani “conquers” Torre Velasca, Milan

A spectacular location right in the center of Milan: Living Divany has just opened its new pop-up store on the first floor of Torre Velasca. You will immediately recognize Piero Lissoni’s design style: he is the brains behind this contemporary haven. This is a peaceful ambience, where refined aesthetics and sleek design are brought together. 

Everything has a relaxed and easy feel. In the living room display, you will find: Easy Lipp sofa, Plane and B3 small tables along with Inari console table, which combines Japanese style with Italian tastes. The second floor showcases Confident armchairs, Family Lounge small tables and Extrasoft chairs. On the third floor, Off Cut bookshelves, Wedge table and Maja D chairs take centre stage. The fourth and last display area has a similar chilled feel. Here, ample space to given to bedroom furniture, including Rod bed and Stilt bedside tables.

Inside the building, centre stage is taken by a neon sculpture – homage to Lucio Fontana – while outside there is another gem. In fact, next to Torre Velasca, the so-called “Acquario” (Italian for fish tank) stands out with its glass structure. This is a space designed to display Frog armchair, a 20-year-old iconic piece, designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni.

The outside living space – a courtyard which surrounds Torre Velasca – is an oasis of tranquility in this fast-paced metropolis. This space shows other pieces designed by Piero Lissoni, all this for a final long lasting memory of Living Divani’s design style.


Where: Torre Velasca, Milan

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