Pablo by B&B Italia, the outdoor collection made in the living room

COVER: B&B Italia, Pablo Outdoor armchair – design Vincent Van Duysen

With rigorous geometries, ample forms, enveloping atmospheres and “soft” practicality, the new outdoor collection which imitates living room style turns aesthetics into a technique of interlocking joints and removable parts; and in doing so, it makes the outdoor living room even more beautiful and long-lasting.


  • What it is Pablo by B&B Italia, the new collection of outdoor furniture.
  • What makes it special It is an outdoor collection born from the armchair designed by Vincent Van Duysen and includes an armchair in two depths, a sofa and a footrest. Its strength lies in its blend of aesthetics and technique: joints and detachable parts have been designed to ease the maintenance of the wood and extend the furniture’s lifetime. This feature allows you to choose between allowing the collection to age naturally or keep it looking brand new without much effort.
  • How it is made An outdoor version of a living room collection, its teak structure is characterized by a sophisticated balance of straight and curved lines and rear panels anchored to rods which can be easily removed—a technical solution aimed at simplifying the care for the wood and textile parts.  The lowered and deep seat (with a mattress-like cushion) and the cushioned backrest make the armchair and sofa especially comfortable. They are almost like mattresses which create large spaces which are perfect for cozying up alone or in good company. The 210cm-wide sofa gets paired with two armchairs with different depths: one better fit for conversation and the other for relaxation (à la a chaise longue). Finishing off the collection, there is a footrest with the same teak structure and an upholstered and padded base which you can even use as a side table or stool. Plus, there are cement low tables in two sizes and colors (antique white and cement gray) which act as an island for the conversation area (the lower model) and a service element (the narrower and slenderer table).
  • Whose idea it is Vincent Van Duysen, the Belgian designer who says “my first collection for B&B Italia’s outdoor line develops the Pablo armchair’s features and adds layers of softness, while the tables are a link to my architectural world.”
  • We chose it because…With its continuity in forms, the fine quality of its wood, and the softness highlighted by its ample cushions, its comfort lies in aesthetics and functionality. And if the volumes focus on clean and formal geometries which elegantly enhance the outdoor space, in the end its appeal lies in its absolute comfort which is free from preconceptions and formality.