Outdoor furniture: Baia by Ethimo

The Baia collection by Ethimo is one of the most intriguing new outdoor releases of 2022, together with its twin collection Costiera. Its designer, Christophe Pillet, got inspired by the nautical world in making this series of elegant and extremely comfortable seating.


Ethimo and Christophe Pillet

There is already a well-established relationship between the company and the designer who, with Baia and Costiera, has completed his second (and third) collaboration with Ethimo after Grand Life.

 “I came upon this concept of the Mediterranean Dolce Vita and wanted to take part in this story,” commented Christophe Pillet. The designer “confessed” of his attraction for what has always been Ethimo’s trademark style: Mediterranean culture which becomes modern and exclusive furniture.

This “Made In Italy” style received the French designer’s special touch, which is already well-known thanks to his collaborations with some of the most prestigious furniture and fashion brands. Expressive clarity and a pursuit of simplicity are the keys to his work, as can be seen in Baia and Costiera projects by Ethimo, as well as his armchairs, sofas, and chaise longues.

Baia by Ethimo: the sea experienced at sea

The meeting of Pillet’s minimalist style with Mediterranean inspiration produced a collection designed for the evocative world of yachting. Rather, it was designed for dreaming of looking at the sea while on a boat, and creating that same atmosphere of luxury and relaxation in any outdoor space.

All the choices in materials, fabrics, and colors seek to recreate a nautical atmosphere. The aluminum of the structures defines the line’s technical aspect, while the wooden inserts add an exquisitely timeless element. The fabrics, which have been strictly designed for the outdoors, are once again a clear reference to the sea, especially the striped upholstery which makes a nod to beach resort umbrellas.

All of the pieces in Baia by Ethimo

The common thread running throughout the entire collection is inspiration from the world of yachting. This translates to technical materials, refined lines, and soft cushioning.

The soft cushions are placed on minimalist bases, with fabric-upholstered panels, backrests, and armrests. Obviously, all of the materials Baia has been made with are of Ethimo quality and durable, long-lasting, and eco-sustainable.

The lounge armchair

The Baia armchair by Ethimo is a piece with a compact volume which would be quasi-monolithic if it weren’t for its slender aluminum legs which raise up the seat. It is the right piece for sinking in and relaxing on your own.

The fixed and modular sofas

Baia offers two- or three-seater sofas, as well as modules for larger compositions, so you can be cradled by the waves (whether real or imaginary!).

The sun bed or chaise longue

Irresistible in its striped upholstery, this might be the most iconic piece of the collection. This comfortable sunbed (or rather, daybed) is symbolic of the pleasant idleness of life at sea.

The coffee table

There can be no outdoor living space without a coffee table. Baia by Ethimo coffee table takes up the structure of the seating and sports a splendid travertine top.

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