Alpine elegance: Ethimo’s outdoor furniture blends in with the mountain landscape

Whether we are talking about the sea or mountains, outdoor furniture pieces are fit for various living situations and “latitudes” thanks to their extreme versatility. The same collections which tastefully furnish a seaside home’s rooms or terraces can also bring a touch of elegance to mountain dwellings, both inside and outside.

Thanks to their high-quality materials, outdoor furniture pieces are designed to resist various atmospheric agents—from the bitter cold to the suffocating heat. The robustness of their structural elements and attention-to-detail guarantee durability over time, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and comfort of these pieces in any weather.


Ethimo’s outdoor furniture collections for the mountains

Both during the winter and summer, the mountains offer a unique natural experience. In winter, snowy peaks, silent forests, and rarefied atmospheres contribute to a magical and enveloping setting. Meanwhile, in summer, the mountains attract us with their colors, breathtaking views, and the relaxing lifestyle they provide.

Ethimo is offering some of its historic collections in “mountain” versions. The seating has been proposed with “Nordic” tartan or checked upholsteries, to add a splash of tradition and charm, and includes special padding to withstand harsh climates. Large cushions and the comfort of furs and blankets which embrace you create the perfect furniture for experiencing the mountains in style and tranquility. 

  • Allaperto Mountain Tartan
  • Allaperto Mountain Etwick
  • Rafael
  • Kilt

Thanks to the attention-to-detail and harmonious combination of materials and design, Ethimo‘s mountain furniture turns the outdoors into a place for refuge and relaxation so you can experience the mountains in style and comfort.

The Allaperto Mountain outdoor furniture collection

Allaperto Mountain is a charming collection from the duo Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez which is made up of various seating elements, coffee tables, and sun loungers. The collection includes two variants which differ in the tartan and Etwick-fiber upholstery of the chair and backrest.

Allaperto Mountain Tartan

The Allaperto Mountain Tartan collection offers elements with a metal structure upholstered in natural teak and an Ethitex technical fabric with a tartan design. The seats and the backrest are made with a padding which has been specifically designed for the coldest environments to guarantee the greatest amount of comfort and durability.

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The collection includes a lounge armchair, a two-seater sofa, and a coffee table which is available in two sizes. All of the pieces can work on their own or be combined to create an ensemble of matching furniture, offering flexibility in design which is suited to the different needs and sizes of the outdoor spaces.  

Allaperto Mountain Etwick

The Allaperto Mountain collection in its Etwick version offers furniture which is made to provide moments of relaxation in nature. Made with pickled teak and metal which is upholstered in a braided Etwick fiber, the pieces guarantee comfort and durability in the coldest conditions as well. The range includes a lounge armchair, a two-seater sofa, coffee tables, a sun lounger, lounge bed, and a swing.

Rafael Collection

Rafael, created by Paola Navone, is a collection with a distinctive and unique design. The seats have an artisanal allure which has been purposely made imperfect and a backrest made up of various-sized slats. Its asymmetric and discontinuous profile perfectly fits in with the harmoniously irregular silhouettes of the peaks.

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Its brushed teak structure with metal scratches pairs well with the refined fabric color palette which was also designed by Paola Navone. The Rafael collection transports its tribal essence to high-altitudes with the inclusion of an original checked winter fabric which is perfectly suited to the mountain atmosphere.

Kilt Collection

The Kilt seating line designed by Marcello Ziliani offers variants with a teak or aluminum structure. Kilt stands out for its versatile style and ability to fit into various spaces with elegance and simplicity. The chair, sofa, sun loungers, and the lounge armchair are characterized by light and minimalist structures and backrests which are as comforting as an embrace.

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The choice of natural braided rope and teak for the upholstery makes Kilt an informal and casual collection which is perfectly suited for every outdoor space.

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