The open bookcase frames the living room

COVER: Zalf, Link System set – design Roberto Gobbo + R&S Zalf

The perfect solution for a large living room that also includes the entrance is a wall bookcase that extends towards the center of the room to become the ideal partition. The highlight of the scene is the wooden bookcase which alternates full and empty volumes to frame the lounge area and create the right amount of intimacy (but without taking light away from the space). The large sofa and various-sized low tables make the living room comfortable and convenient. The armchair is as enveloping as a cocoon and lights up the room with its bright yellow hue. Nothing more is needed in this living room which becomes the perfect setting for spending time with family and friends.

Style details

The open bookcase.

Linear and spacious, it also acts as a delicate partition. It is just what you need to create privacy in the lounge area with a delicate backdrop that does not weigh down the atmosphere.

ph.: set Link System by Zalf

The egg armchair.

With a high backrest and enveloping seating, this armchair goes all in on comfort with a bright color that lights up and emboldens the room.

The low tables.

With organic forms and a delicate design, these wooden and metal low tables get rid of corners to insert themselves in the room with poise and discretion.

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