Reading lamp and side table: two in one

One of design’s missions is to combine form to function and beauty to utility. That’s why we fell in love with the Totò by Riflessi reading lamp at first sight at the Salone del Mobile 2022.

In addition to lighting up the relaxation corner, it also provides a convenient and elegant tabletop. A reading lamp and side table have been gracefully combined into a single decorative object in Riflessi’s Totò.


The Totò reading lamp

Totò is first and foremost a 135cm-tall floor lamp which has been made to be paired with an armchair, chair, loveseat, or a console table wherever you want to create an intimate and functional reading corner.

The light is soft with the perfect intensity and direction to illuminate the chair placed next to it. Its metallic lampshade blocks the light on the sides and directs it towards the ground. How much light does it provide? Totò has four LED 6W bulbs that provide 514 lumens.

The Totò side table

The uniqueness of the latest release from Riflessi’s catalog is that it is a two-in-one reading lamp and side table. The cherry on the cake is that it also comes with a built-in ceramic tray in marble and stone finishes.

The proportions are what make this stunning combination stand out. The side table and the lamp have wide diameters while the stem and thickness of the tray have been reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the cylindrical base is just wide enough to guarantee balance (this is helped by the weight of the base).

Bright colors and refined materials

If the design of the forms has already convinced you that you are witnessing a special piece, Riflessi Lab makes it even more irresistible thanks to what has almost become the company’s stylistic trademark: its color range and the table’s surface finishes.

The Totò reading lamp is available in metal in a modest graphite black, a ruby red which comes close to Viva Magenta (2023’s color of the year), a sage green (one of the most successful colors over the last few years), an extremely elegant champagne, and a bright sea blue (perfect for giving it a Pop touch).

The tabletop is made in the same color as the rest of the lamp. It can be simply left in this way, but we recommend choosing the tray in marbled ceramic to add a truly chic touch. It is available in glossy or matte bush-hammered statuary white, matte or glossy Noir Desir, glossy Sodalite blue, glossy or matte bush-hammered Borgogna Green, and glossy Capraia.

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