Glass pendant lamps: six refined models from Oluce

The glass pendant lamp is an interior lighting classic whose story goes back to antique chandeliers and arrives up until modern minimalism. And the historic Milanese brand Oluce has played a starring role in this story.

Glass is indeed one of the materials which Oluce has experimented with throughout the decades, as will be seen in the six pendant lamps we have chosen for you.

The style of Oluce’s pendant lamps

All of Oluce’s products have strong personalities which light up the space and enhance it. Modern and retro, iconic and innovative, all of the collection’s lamps share that refined, elegant, and timeless design which is capable of working with any furniture style.

And the same can be said for these six glass pendant lamps. This selection has been made for those who are looking for an eye-catching pendant lamp which adds a poetic touch to the home.

The six glass pendant lamps

The materials and finishes used by Oluce are high-quality and sophisticated. And even if we take a closer look at the glass, it is fascinating to see the versatility of this age-old material. It can change personalities in transparent, opaline, blown and processed glass, in lamps with various forms and in combination with various metals.

The six lamps we have chosen for you:

Alba is part of a collection which includes pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps. They all have a compressed globe in opaline glass and a satin brass profile in the shape of a double asymmetrical ‘L’ with sharp angles. The opaque glass releases a soft light while the metal makes the object more refined and elegant.

The next one was inspired by lamps and street lamps from the end of the 19th century. The Lyndon glass pendant lamp has a candelabra structure in a chrome-plate or satin gold finish from which four arms branch off with large transparent glass globes. Within them there is a small light bulb which almost recalls the flame of a candle. This stunning and refined piece was designed by Vico Magistretti.

Modest and versatile, Niwa has a transparent blown glass bell which protects the light bulb. Meanwhile, the body is made up of a gray beige or green brown aluminum cone. This simple design is fit for a group setup as can be seen in the photo in which the three glass pendant lamps delicately light up an 19th century interior.

Poetic and evocative, Recuerdo was created from a childhood memory of its designer, Mariana Pellegrino Soto. She recalled when she would swim in the Caribbean Sea and would be enveloped by reflections of the sun and the interplay of light created by the water on the seabed. She wished to recreate this impression through this pendant lamp in transparent glass with a crystal matelassé effect containing an LED bulb protected by a frosted glass cylinder. The light-refracting effect is irresistible. It also comes in a glass table version.

The Lanterna lamp has a bell diffuser with the combination of transparent and frosted Murano glass. It is a simple pendant lamp with a familiar line, but the two glass finishes create an elegant element of contrast. The lantern has a diameter of 24 cm, while its little sister “Lanternina” is 14 cm wide.


Last but not least in our glass pendant lamp gallery is The Globe. It has been made in transparent blown glass and comes with an internal metal reflector. The metal components, the plaque, and the reflector come in three refined finishes: satin nickel or satin gold or anodic bronze. The Globe comes as a table and wall lamp.

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