The open shelving is the highlight of the kitchen

COVER: Cesar, Maxima 2.2 kitchen – design Gian Vittorio Plazzogna

A kitchen island opens onto the living room but is set apart by a double-sided shelving system. The central composition unites the two rooms and is the clear highlight of the living area. Ready to interpret a more informal convivial style, it is also capable of preserving the right amount of privacy for the chef. Fluid and borderless, it is organized within ample spaces which alternate full and empty volumes, fine materials and contemporary accessories made for functionality. Thus, the pantry becomes a bright display case which is settled into a recessed piece of furniture, while the open shelving decorated the dividing panel to conceal the passageways or bulkier furniture. And the island? The true heart of the kitchen, it unites the cooking and preparation areas and faces the living room through the open floor-to-ceiling shelving to keep guests comfortable without leaving them out of sight.



I dettagli di stile

The double-sided shelves.

This floor-to-ceiling, minimalist shelving system with robust pillars and a series of compartments and containers faces both sides and is perfect for setting apart an open living room’s kitchen without blocking it off too much.

The paneling with shelves.

With various-sized shelves and compartments and grit-effect paneling, this freestanding module is perfect for “embracing” the kitchen and obtaining another pantry or hidden cupboard.

The marble top.

The island goes for the classic elegance of marble to make the gray monolithic block more exquisite.

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