9 practical and chic ideas for the outdoor table

With bright colors, gelatinous reflections, practical materials and clever details, the table is getting ready for the summer by moving outdoors and adding a bit of joy to its look. Thus, the table gets covered by the magic of the Canaries, fine wine glasses made by master glassmakers, minimalist polypropylene dishes and a hand-painted tray with imaginative sea creatures. And in order to not give up on the comfort of an informal lunch, there is a pan which sheds its handle so it can be served directly at the table and a glacette which turns into multi-use construction. So, there is nothing left to but sit in the garden or on the terrace and experience the latest in outdoor convivial design with one or all of the 9 accessories which we have chosen here. They have been made so you can fully experience a mise en place with a holiday feel.



Paestum Hera Pink by Blim+

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For a refined déjeuner sur l’herb, dishes, bowls and pans evoke the architecture of Paestum (the city in Campania with a temple dedicated to Poseidon) with their clean geometries and minimalist yet solemn look in practical and high-quality polypropylene.

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