The kitchen island with a refined touch: Vulcano by Hartè

Vulcano Kitchen by Hartè

Modern and refined, Vulcano is a kitchen island which aims to discreetly amaze us without standing out with gaudy colors or flashy technologies. This convivial and modern kitchen island has gone for a gray and natural-wood color palette.

Vulcano graciously and gently occupies the space: the soft-toned panels are smooth, unaggressive, and made more unobtrusive thanks to their integrated metal handles with a lead finish.

In the center of the room, the island block is austere and functional and becomes the beating heart of the composition. It allows one to make use of the kitchen in a new way thanks to the combination of the cooking area with its induction hob and the dining area with its protruding snack bar and tall stools.

In short, this new convivial lifestyle is concentrated on the cook and diners so they can share every moment and recipe in an informal and contemporary atmosphere.

Everything is illuminated by a “ribbed” pendant lamp which provides a touch of romanticism and sets off a cozy and intimate space with its light.

In front of the island, the wall hosts a linear and extremely organized kitchen area with spacious storage units, unobtrusive shelves, and stacked appliances. It is an impressive geometric composition which plays with full and empty elements and color fields to create and alter the depth for an extremely clean look.

Under the counter, the base recalls the look of the island panels. Meanwhile above, there is a set of open displays with black, minimal, and sleek profiles. With this open configuration, one can showcase spice racks, jars, containers, and various accessories to turn the area into an unexpected piece of décor.

Style details

The natural-wood snack bar

The protruding snack bar paired with the island block offers a refined, modern, and convivial atmosphere. The contrast of the two materials—the wood of the counter and the white laminate of the block—adds a chic touch. Two informal stools with high backs are stylishly paired with the composition.

The “ribbed” and informal pendant lamp.

Above the island block, the lighting has been entrusted to an informal and discrete pendant lamp. The slatted body looks like the corolla of a large flower, plays off of the counter’s color, and adds a romantic touch to the kitchen’s starkness.

The sleek open shelving.

The open shelves are spacious, functional, and showcase their contents. Like a thin wire which has been extended and crisscrossed to create spaces, the displays play off of the closed containers to contrast full and empty spaces.

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