The bathroom is a natural wellness retreat made for relaxation

If there is a room in the house which deserves to be considered our personal retreat, it is without a doubt the bathroom. This intimate space is much more than a room: it is an oasis of natural wellness made for relaxation, care, and regeneration.

Duravit understands this well. In fact, this year this industry leader introduced the new Qatego bathroom collection designed to make this space an oasis of tranquility, with furniture and accessories which perfectly express this vision.


The Qatego collection: natural relaxation

Much more than a functional space, the bathroom is where we start and end our day. The Qatego series, with its clear formal language, turns the bathroom into a relaxing space and enhances the sensation of calm through the naturalness of its design.

The fixture forms were inspired by stones delicately smoothed over by water and made with natural materials like wood, ceramic, and natural stone. Meanwhile the bathroom furniture contains minimalist and linear forms which play off of the fixture designs. This contrast between the clear and organic lines creates a strong visual impact.


The bathroom composition

In this composition with a clearly Nordic look, the space has been furnished with a few minimalist and well-distributed pieces. On the wall, the washbasin and its console play off of a mirror which includes light to provide the utmost functionality

Nearby, the soft armchair is another piece where you can kick back and take a break from the outside world. Like a monolith smoothed over by time, the freestanding bathtub is placed on the ground and presents reassuring curves to provide tailor-made relaxation.

Lastly, two cork stools play important roles as chromatic counterpoints. These pieces add warmth and texture to the space and offer eye-catching visual balance to the whole scene

The rounded washbasin + console
The ceramic washbasin plays off of the stone console and, thanks to its gently rounded edges, provides harmonious balance. The console’s support brackets even act as a towel rack and contribute to the minimalism of the composition.


The freestanding bathtub
The velvety and soft total white color gives the freestanding bathtub an extremely comfortable look. Its rounded edges and an enveloping form make the bathtub the heart of the composition.

The soft armchair
The soft armchair contributes to creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Its organic and rounded forms recall the edges of the fixtures and create an aesthetic dialogue, inviting us to comfort and serenity in a space dedicated to personal wellness.

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