The living room and kitchen merged in Riflessi’s innovative table with a built-in hob

Riflessi has made a groundbreaking innovation in the interior design sector with its brand-new table with a built-in induction hob.

This revolutionary concept is the result of a collaboration with Marazzi, a brand leader in the ceramics sector which has exclusively developed patented technology with Riflessi.

As you can see, Riflessi has created a “plug and play“ system which is unique, surprising, and incredibly easy to use. It is a solution which allows you to make use of an easy-to-move, freestanding table (in open spaces as well) and two induction cookers in one piece of furniture, without affecting the counter’s look at all.

built-in hob

New convivial styles in the kitchen

We all know that the kitchen has become the heart and soul of the home, the room which, more than any other, has altered its blueprint and embraced new day-to-day living trends. The space has gotten bigger around it, becoming fluid and merging with new functions and furniture.

More and more activity takes place around kitchen islands and peninsulas, where we spend time together while we prepare and eat food. This has created a new way of sharing domestic life in the kitchen: friends stop by, we relax, study, or work, we chat or watch the tv…

As a result of these changes, Riflessi has decided to transform the table and turn it into a multifunctional piece of furniture which combines its traditional role as a countertop with that of being a hob.

With this innovation, which comes in two iconic tables (Living and Shangai), Riflessi has demonstrated its ability to identify new trends and anticipate the needs of the market, once again proving to be a pioneer in the furniture sector.

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The hob in the tops of Shangai and Living

Riflessi’s flagship Shangai and Living tables are stunning models with a sculptural design and a versatile personality. The two tables co-star in this new project and were chosen to host the innovative induction hob.

Perfectly built-in into the ceramic top*, the hob provides the two tables with a completely new functionality. This upgrade opens the door to new possibilities of socializing and sharing, turning day-to-day life into a unique encounter between aesthetics and practicality.

*Only available at the moment on the glossy Capraia tops for fixed from 90 x 180 to 120 x 300, 12mm-thick counters.

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Moreover, to ensure maximum visual purity, a control display in a concealed, pull-out position has been included on the table.

Both perfectly fit for residential and contract spaces, this product is a meaningful attempt at meeting the growing demand for multifunctional furniture for fluid spaces. It is the perfect synthesis of innovation and research and a trustworthy furniture concept which responds to the complex needs of the current market.

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