STEP, the infinitely customizable shower tray

COVER: Scarabeo Ceramiche, shower tray Step

It’s not simply a shower tray which is mounted flush to the floor, but a genuine homage to versatility with a durable, practical and sustainable material (porcelain stoneware) in four colors and many standard sizes that can be endlessly customized. Is anything else necessary to instantly remodel the shower?


  • What it is STEP by Scarabeo Ceramiche, the new shower tray.
  • What makes it special Designed and patented by Scarabeo Ceramiche, this 25mm-thick porcelain stoneware shower tray is available in many sizes and can be custom cut (when needed) and mounted flush to the floor.
  • How it is made It is a shower tray made from a 25mm-thick single porcelain stoneware block. Perfect for mounting flush to the floor, it is available in many standard sizes: 71×120, 80×100-120-140-160 and 90×100-120-140-160 cm, plus an added extension of 80×59 and 90×59. Moreover, this shower tray can be custom cut during the laying process. In addition to its practicality, STEP is also sustainable because this industrial-produced ceramic reuses all the mixtures and residues which come from the manufacturing process. The result is a versatile, incredibly durable, water-repellent, and non-slip material which is resistant to dents, abrasions, stains, light, temperature changes, inclement weather and capable of supporting up to 2000 kg. In order to offer the most in customization, it is available in four colors: Matte White, Matte Concrete, Matte Black, Matte Gray.
  • Whose idea it is Scarabeo Ceramiche, the Italian company specialized in the production of contemporary and designer bathroom fixtures and furniture. Always focused on ceramic, this brand aims for innovation and research to offer new décor which is able to combine style and extreme functionality while defining the bathroom’s personality.
  • We chose it because… With the most in customization and practicality, this slim shower tray turns versatility into a homage to customized style. It is a surface “to model” based on your needs, choosing among the many standard or custom sizes to effortlessly create the perfect shower.