Ethnic metropolitan: the bathroom’s new mood

Porcelanosa, collezione Linz

COVER: Porcelanosa, collezione Linz

With anthracite, gray and cream perfectly mixed together with antique, ethnic patterns and bold urban brushstrokes, the bathroom reinterprets optical illusions in this space which plays with glossy and matte surfaces, full and empty volumes and sleek yet bold geometries. There is the echo of distant atmospheres here and there, and traditions rooted in craftsmanship get mixed together with brusque yet elegant functionality. Centrally, the delicate and enveloping bathtub protected by the decorative alcove and magically illuminated wall provide warm, sophisticated and natural intimacy. Nearby, accessories like the washbasin, radiator, mirror and shelves are designed with a decisive touch in a clear contrast with the fixtures; meanwhile, the nook in the column creates the space for shower gels, creams and towels. It highlights the space’s contemporary and pragmatic soul which makes bold minimalism the newest form of elegance.

Style details

La parete decor.

The decorative wallpaper.

The wallpaper almost looks like a fresco and has gray tones which provide a sophisticated, bold and hushed look.


Il radiatore scaldasalviette.

The towel-rack radiator.

Functionality becomes another decorative element in this model which decorates the wall and frames the towels while keeping them warm.

La nicchia nella colonna.

The column nook.

In place of the usual shelf, it provides a minimal look that unites practicality to refinement.

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