Collini Villas Mykonos and the knowhow of Pedrali

COVER: Collini Villas Mykonos (ph. Vangelis Paterakis)

With a crystalline sea, golden beaches, white homes and a relaxing and magical atmosphere, Mykonos—the most famous in the Cyclades—has always been enchanting with its landscape and beauty. A destination for tourists from around the globe, starting today this pearl in the Aegean Sea can offer a new and exclusive place to stay: the Collini Villas Mykonos resort in Fanari.

Dedicated to the most sophisticated Italian taste, Collini Villas offers a series of luxury accommodations with sea views in order to provide a private space for relaxation and wellness. The suites were designed with the latest trends in mind and focus on all-around comfort. On the one hand, there is the breathtaking beauty of the views from the private swimming pools; and on the other, the Mediterranean tradition of Made-in-Italy products which can be seen in the Pedrali furniture. Impeccable taste and authentic flavors get combined in the “Il Segreto” restaurant, whose all-Italian name refers to the well-known phrase which has become a part of common speech: “Italians do it better”.

Italian tailormade goods are known for their minute particularities, attention-to-detail, and knowhow, and this can be seen in its design. Not by chance, the common areas of this hotel with its light yet well-kept simplicity were entrusted to Pedrali, the brand leader in Italian designer furniture.

All one needs to do is sit down to observe the views from the Tribeca chairs to be enveloped in the comforting echoes of the past in a modern reinterpretation of typical Sixties’ patio chairs. It is an outdoor collection which takes us on a journey through the past to evoke the playful atmospheres of summers gone by, but with a contemporary twist capable of adding a sophisticated look to everyday life. The new models experiment with steel and plastic with robust, chic and never-before-seen weaves which have been strictly handmade to guarantee style and comfort. The same goes for the stools around the bar; meanwhile, the stainless-steel tables with cast-iron bases decorate the common indoor and outdoor space with modesty which favors practicality and adaptability.

The pastel pink tone is a charming and enveloping touch which finishes off the atmosphere with an impeccable mood with the meticulous details of inimitable Italian luxury. Last but not least, the spa and gym are there to rejuvenate the mind and body on the vacation of your dreams.

Where: Collini Villas Mykonos, Fanari, (area of Faros) P.O BOX 7177, Mykonos, Greece