Saba decorates the Metaverse with the oltreNFT capsule

With the coming of the Salone del Mobile we can start to take new furniture, new designer collections and new trends for granted. So, Saba is here to surprise us with a new exclusive capsule collection which opens the doors onto a totally new world: the Metaverse. OltreNFT is a line designed by Saba which becomes a bridge between the real and virtual worlds because it embraces digital language within the parameters of sustainability.

Many still wonder if NFTs (not fungible tokens) are a bubble or a new market. The world of the Metaverse seems to offer endless potential but contains many unknowns. However, Saba was not frightened and decided to follow an exceptional guide in the search for new modes of expression in interior design: the French digital artist Hugo Fournier.

OltreNFT has become a common thread between digital language and artisanal knowhow, with a focus on the art world and innovative design. Physical, artistic and virtual elements will be auctioned off on the (one of the main platforms for artists, curators and collectors in the new digital creative economy) from May 20-22, 2022. It is a can’t-miss occasion for digital enthusiasts and those who want to take their first steps into this world. The smart contract proposed by Saba brings (for the first time in the design sector) an artistic representation together with an NFT: a physical sofa and a twin model in the Metaverse.

“Looking beyond” comes natural to a brand with an all-female managerial team (with Amelia Pegorin at the helm) which has always been open to experimentation and focused on culture and creativity. That’s why Saba decided to launch this capsule of sofas paired to 10 artistic NFTs by Hugo Fournier. To decorate the seating, there had to be Antonio Marra, the stylist who has always proposed new sensorial experiences with his aesthetic vocabulary, in a constant blend of art, design and fashion. The Oltremare Recycled upholstery, conceived of by the Sardinian stylist and designed with the brand’s team, plays with fine craftsmanship and sustainability. This fabric with a handmade design comes from 100% recycled cotton.

In the digital artifacts, the fabrics become waves which the wind delicately sways, glimpses of rare beauty which envelop the sofas and blossom at the passing of the sun and moon which then crash into the sea and become cushions. For a tangible, abstract and surprising collection, this dream world is divided into 10 NFTS (one per seating) representing specific moments of the day and telling us about the magic of the different winds which pass through Sardinia, Marras’ native land and endless source of inspiration.



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