Ale Big, the lamp with a fly on top

The first thing you notice are its bright colors and trendy color combination. The second thing you notice is an annoying fly which seems to have landed on top the lampshade. But what if we told you that the fly is what makes this lamp unique? Cattelani&Smith has once again gone for an irreverent style which combines trends and humor. Ale big, the new lamp designed by Enzo Cattelani, uses the fly to become an iconic piece. With a metal base, an aluminum tube and a cupola and brass details, this lamp is available in various colors (white, black, neon or colorful) and four different models. And all of them include a fly on the dome.

“Color became a part of our catalog for the first time in 2004 in the PostKrisi collection. Color was meant to supply a message of rebirth and joy,” the company said. And today an explosive color is back with wide blue, red, yellow splashes and neon hues of pink, yellow, blue and orange covering the semi-sphere, rods, bases and details. Made with meticulous attention-to-detail, all of Cattelani&Smith’s items are the product of experimentation and manual handiwork whose typical imperfections make each lamp a unique and exclusive piece of art.

“Beauty is subjective, but perfect is perfect,” explained Enzo Cattelani, who puts his soul into every project, because it is only possible in this way to reach perfection in every detail (even with a fly perched in the perfect place on the lamp).



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