America ByDesign and Ambiente: the trade fair stars in a TV series

What do an American TV program and a massive European trade fair have in common? Well, they are both searching for the best in design and innovation. That’s why the series America ByDesign: Innovations has partnered with Ambiente, the massive trade fair dedicated to the consumer goods sector which takes place in Frankfurt.

About America ByDesign

The series is already a cult favorite for fans of architecture, design, and technological innovation. Split into two parts, America ByDesign: Architecture and America ByDesign: Innovations, this year the program has traveled overseas to check out the latest releases at the Ambiente trade fair which is held at the Messe Frankfurt from February 3rd to 7th.

In fact, the partnership with the German fair began in the third episode of the third season of America ByDesign: Innovations (available online). The trade fair will take on a leading role in the new series Europe ByDesign, which will air in June 2023. It will be a chance for Ambiente to show off and introduce the outstanding European goods at the fair.

Watch the episode of the third season of America ByDesign: Innovations

The collaboration

“I think design nowadays is a very democratic product, so therefore it is very good to have this discussion in front of a big audience. I think that’s the beauty of America ByDesign.” With these words, Detlef Braun, a Member of Messe Frankfurt’s Executive Board, summed up the importance of this special collaboration.

Ambiente is one of the biggest consumer-good trade fairs, an event where new products and concepts get introduced to the public. Manufacturers, dealers, buyers, industry experts, and enthusiasts know they can find inspiration, ideas, and projects at the trade fair.


From left: Mike Chapman, Executive Producer America ByDesign, Una Maybin, Head of Production, America ByDesign, Julia Uherek, Vice President, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Scott Henderson, Designer and Presenter, America ByDesign Photo: Messe Frankfurt/GitaPR

Meanwhile, America ByDesign has added its years of experience in televisual storytelling to this massive event. The program’s co-founder Mike Chapman made this clear when he said, “More and more, audiences want to know how products are created and are genuinely interested in how design can improve their quality of life. Messe Frankfurt and Ambiente are at the forefront of this movement. ByDesign brings a globally recognized style of design-storytelling, and we are thrilled to partner alongside an organization with an unrivaled legacy within the design community and beyond.”

When will it be aired?

The collaboration between Ambiente Frankfurt and America ByDesign: Innovations began with the first episode of America ByDesign: Innovations, which has been available for streaming since November 12. Meanwhile, the first season of Europe ByDesign is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

Find out more about America ByDesign

To find out more about the program and watch its episodes, go to the ByDesign site.

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