Rocktecture, architecture rocks

It is an ode to architecture, Rock music and everything that springs from the meeting of these two worlds. Rocktecture is the new book conceived of by Massimo Roj, the architect and co-founder of CMR (a leading company in integrated design founded in 1994 with the goal creating flexible, efficient and eco-sustainable architecture).

Curated by Fortunato D’Amico, this book reveals the unexpected and important role Rock has been in the creative vision of designers since the 1950s. This music, as a cultural and emotional experience, has been able to influence architectural thought and its evolution with that sense of freedom, collaboration, innovation and change which is typical of the Rock world. The same Roj found himself inclined towards a courageous type of architecture, as if it were a stance which was a conscious expression not only of a movement but of an entire generation.

“Architecture is always around us. It constantly surrounds and envelops us without us ever realizing it. Architecture is the background music of our lives. The intuition of pairing rock and architecture, my two biggest passions, came from this” said Roj. Indeed, the more than 40 projects which appear in the book have been paired with the most well-known and popular rock songs: Garibaldi Tower to the notes of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, the Duao Art Museum to U2’s Beautiful Day, the Xiantao Big Data Valley to Happy by the Rolling Stones, along with Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple and many others.

It is a unique book which mixes history and graphic design with Rock-and-Roll eclecticism (colors, fonts and images inspired by some well-known album covers). “Architecture, just like music, can and must be more than a pure and simple emotion. It must carry forward and express a message of sharing, participation and sustainability just like Rock” explained Massimo Roj. Uncoincidentally, the introduction to this exciting book was written by Massimo Cotto, the host of Virgin Radio and one of the greatest connoisseurs and disseminators of Rock music.


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