Harmonic Shapes creates the latest in wellness

Its name is Harmonic Shapes and it creates original atmospheres dedicated to wellness. This new company in the world of design and architecture is introducing a vision of home design that mixes geometry and wellness according to the principles of Biogeometry (the science that uses the language of nature to balance energy).

The principles within Biogeometric forms, which were rediscovered over years of studies carried out by experts and researchers in the medical-scientific field, are able to create ideal and beneficial energy in any space.

We are all looking for places that make us feel good, embrace us and help us recharge. Indeed, the home has become emblematic of this philosophy over the years. That’s why Harmonic Shapes has focused on vibrational textures which highlight geometric forms, colors, sounds and the dynamics of nature for interior design both in domestic spaces and elements of décor.

The forms were chosen, developed and patented at the end of the Sixties by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian scientist and design consultant who studied engineering architecture. Two- and three-dimensional, they are able to interact with magnetic fields to balance the energies surrounding us.

 “I have always been very interested in the energies, waves and geometries which surround the earth and have an influence on the wellness of people” said Federica Caimi, General Manager of Harmonic Shapes, who carried out advanced studies and graduated in in Biogeometry Environmental Home Solutions with her father, the co-founder and art director of Harmonic Shapes. Creating a brand which was linked to this discipline seemed like the next natural step.

Thanks to Harmonic Shapes lines, angles, colors and movements recreate our domestic spaces by channeling energy and directing it throughout the space to make us feel well. The collection includes 4 Biogeometric textures: Sinergy Shape, Harmony Shape, which generates pure energy, Centering Shape, and Balancing Shape which was designed to create harmony within the space.

All of them can be applied on various materials like marble, natural stone, wood, vinyl, ceramic, glass fiber, ecological film, canvas and vetrite. For this project, Harmony Shapes has chosen the best brands in this sector like Antolini, Cadorin, Inkiostro Bianco, Sicis, Petra Antiqua, Technolam and 3M.

Its final results produce rooms with personality which can be customized in style and provide mental and physical energy to those living within them.


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