Babel D, the outdoors with the vibrant strength of Babel

COVER: Babel D, Kano, design Denis Barbiero

Babel D is the name of the new outdoor brand conceived of by Mauro Baraldo, a young entrepreneur who graduated in industrial design and was raised in the family business of Industrie Baraldo.

Inspired by the hanging gardens of the ziggurat at Babylon, Babel D goes for a fresh and simple take on outdoor home design with a brand-new attitude. The central material could not help but be steel—a holdover from Baraldo’s family business which specializes in metalwork. However, its cosmopolitan look is what offers us a completely new vision: a powerful combination of stories, impressions, references to the past and future memories.

It’s not by chance that the basis of these new scenes (and the source of the brand’s name) is Babel, a city which made chaos its strength and turned it into a vital source of energy. Babel D leans on its cosmopolitan DNA not only to present itself as a new brand on the furniture scene, but as a genuine creative hub which is establishing the latest styles of the domestic outdoors with its range of chairs, sofas, tables and chaise longues.

Steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy create the collections’ comfort amongst pastels, bold colors, cord, teak, natural materials and a philosophy which emphasizes sustainability: the materials and products are designed to be long-lasting as they are recyclable and experiment with a new style that allows for endless interpretations.

The quality of the collections gets revealed in their technical details like the galvanic protection of the metallic parts, the excellence of the teak and the pleasant texture of PaperStone®—a natural material derived from paper and used for tabletops in various colors. The forty-year history of the parent company, Industrie Baraldo, also plays a role in this brand’s excellence, as it allows great designers to express their creativity without any limits. Among the first to design the brand’s debut pieces, the names of Walter de Silva, BrogliatoTraverso, and Altherr Désile Park stand out alongside the emerging designers Simone Bonanni and Denis Barbiero.

The result is an extensive and rich catalog of collections with well-defined personalities which are able to be paired and communicate with one another. Just as in the legendary Babel, the nationalities, cultures and various experiences of the designers of Babel D stand out amongst contrasting colors and apparently incoherent details which create harmonious scenery.

While the sculptural yet practical chaise longue from Walter de Silva and Mario Antonioli (made from rectangular cross-section profiles in curved and foldable steel) are emblematic of the new brand, the Bangi chairs and armchairs designed by Altherr Désile Park go for practicality by choosing sinuous and ergonomic forms and stackable structures in springtime colors—from sun yellow to sky blue, grass green and earth red. Instead, the Jos aluminum alloy and steel collection by Simone Bonanni invites us into a Parisian bistro with chairs, sofas, tables, benches and armchairs that harken back to tradition; meanwhile, the Gao family from the same designer offers three-dimensionality on a sheet of metal to introduce us to an archetypal, thin, and robust aesthetic. For his part, Denis Barbiero greets us with Kano and Kissi, a combination of industrial production, craftsmanship, a Bauhaus look and attention-to-detail in order to create the perfect hybrid of the indoors and outdoors. Finishing off the catalog, there is Melik designed by BrogliatoTraverso, which oxymoronically folds the strength of steel into delicate volumes which put the reassuring and chic sides of bold tables, sofas and chairs on display.

There is nothing left to do but immerse ourselves in new atmospheres, freely set up the décor to our liking and let ourselves be embraced by the mix and match style. We can experience all of the energy of fluid and bold spaces both outdoors and indoors.


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