Demo Hotel, an experiential journey in a hotel

COVER: Demo Hotel Rimini (ph. Flavio Ricci)

Its name is Demo Hotel and it provides a journey into creativity. The new Demo Hotel Design Emotion in Rimini is a genuine experimental hub in hospitality.

This collaborative project has been designed by 14 architecture studios who have brought in 100 participating companies (from LAGO, antoniolupi, Tubes, Arper, Flos and Gruppo Fontanot, just to name a few) to revolutionize the concept of the hotel. Founded through the reconversion of an abandoned hotel, this new concept is an ode to design and a permanent furniture showroom as well. It provides a unique adventure in room after room with its perfectly Instagrammable styles, atmospheres, looks and scenery.

 “It is a strong message not only for the city but for the entire hotel sector. There is a need for renewal” explained Mauro Santinato, president of Teamwork Hospitality, the well-known hotel consultancy and creator of this project.

There are 14 thematic spaces which have been designed by just as many architects. The rooms, which were presented on the occasion of the SIA Hospitality Design fair in Rimini in 2018 with the event Rooms and created in collaboration with companies specialized in furniture design, were so successful that they wanted to make a genuine collaborative hotel out of them.

The result is a hotel dedicated to design which recreates the atmospheres of the Romagnolo coast with custom-made projects and vibrant scenes highlighted by neon signs (like the self-check-in totem at the ground floor’s reception), unique pairings, bold patterns, music, intoxicating aromas and hallways that light up as you pass. It is a hotel you can experience with all your senses, whether it is in the common areas (the coworking room, laundry room, restroom, locker room) or the various private suites on the first through third floors. Meanwhile, the 75-sqm Sea Suite awaits you on the fourth floor with its 70-sqm terrace and sea-view.

All you need to do is open one of the many doors of the suites to come across a completely new style: accessories, furniture, finishes and colors change every time because each room was created from a unique design concept without any constraints or theme to limit the designer’s creativity.

The façade’s kaleidoscopic balconies and polka-dot walls dance to the beat of “Cerco l’estate tutto l’anno” as called for by the concept of studio Caberlon Caroppi, who created the exterior spaces, the common areas on the ground floor and vertical connections. Meanwhile, the suites alternate between pop atmospheres and romantic spaces, athletic themes and dream-like and imaginative scenes that will take you into another world.

You can go from The Circle by Sivia Ticchi, with its natural colors which have an autumnal feel, to Smoove! by FDA Fiorini D’Amico Architetti, which has been dedicated to fitness enthusiasts who want to spend their time working out on its wall bars; then Just like home by Contract Lab is there for those who want a homey space and Tropicana Club by Studio Rizoma Architetture for those who want to immerse themselves in a dreamy and cinematic world; there is the three-room Una vita da (A)mare with a Mediterranean mood designed by Alessia Galimberti and the Into the Cloud open-space designed by Barbara Vannucchi’s lighting effects; and we can’t go without mentioning the colorful functionality of Color Episodes by Hub48 and Fragment Hospitality’s and Roberto Vitali’s homage to water in the suite In A Light Wave with its wellness area.

Reawakening your sense of wonder and creating a memorable experience are the goals of Demo Hotel. And the adventure begins right here in Rimini.

Where: Demo Hotel, via Giovanni delle Bande Nere 20, Rimini, Italy


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