Yncisa/70 opens the doors to Art Déco

FerreroLegno, Yncisa70 door

Yncisa/70 is colorful and decorated on the 70th anniversary of FerreroLegno, the Italian brand leader in the production of doors and closing systems which was founded as a small artisanal workshop in Farigliano in 1950.

This iconic model, a symbol of this brand’s push towards innovation, goes all in on decorations inspired by Art Déco. Modern, linear, and with that unmistakable chic touch, Art Déco style reinterpreted by FerreroLegno is an expression of an exquisitely contemporary look.

Yncisa 70’s delicate pantography creates sharp and volumetrically captivating geometries on the leaf, giving life to sinuous curves with a vintage feel which know how to interpret current trends.

It is a bold door which knows how to also be discrete and versatile. Available in a wide variety of lacquered finishes, Yncisa/70 (swing or sliding) is the perfect décor solution for any room and style. With many different hues, from base colors of contemporary home design (white, optical white, Lux gray, dove gray) to the Ral range, the Natural Color System, and the new eco-sustainable ULTRAopaco palette—a range of 25 soft and velvety shades made with organic water-based paints. Plus, in order to allow for the most in customization, ULTRAopaco is available in four base colors and nine tonalities which evoke the atmospheres of contemporary home design (Metallo, Laguna, Lichene, Oliva, Ombra, Terra, Malva, Corallo, Nero Profondo), with intensities ranging from light, pure and dark. 

As if this was not enough, FerreroLegno is also proposing five different frames. Thanks to its coplanar leaf strip, Evoluto Eleva enhances the door with a modern and chic touch; Minimal Eleva is simple and timeless; Quality New creates an interplay of shadows and chiaroscuro; A_Filo is completely built into the wall; and Concept has an aluminum profile which frames the door.

Sophisticated and striking, Yncis/ 70 contains all of the must-haves of FerreroLegno, a company which has always focused on the blending of styles and trends for creating custom products capable of interpreting tastes and desires. Creativity, inspirations, allusions and play are the cornerstones of the design of FerreroLegno, which has made its delicate style a tangible sign of its tailormade excellence.

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