883 SKIN by Di.Bi , elegance is “secured”

COVER: Di.Bi. porte,  883 SKIN security door

We need our security door to be solid, safe and, naturally, burglary-proof. And what if we also made it a beautiful and elegant interior door? Di.Bi., the brand specialized in the sector, has completely reinvented the look of the security door by adding a glass insert.

The new 883 SKIN model has the same technical characteristics of the previous one-door or two-door 883 model, but has a chicer look with a glass insert with a plexiglass panel.

The security glass is inserted in the door, while the plexiglass panel is a single flat piece which covers the glass both on the exterior and interior. The result is a modern and minimalist door which has no need of a panel-fixing frame (which always stands out on the border panel) and provides a lighter and sleeker aesthetic.

It does so without compromising technical quality as 883 SKIN has level 3 anti-intrusion and thermal insulation with high density polyurethane which reduces sound and guarantees the most in thermal insulation. Plus, it can be installed both as an interior or exterior security door because all the colorful plexiglass panels are resistant to atmospheric agents.

In addition to a double-bitted lock, 883 SKIN can be equipped various types of locks, including the new EVVA NIO motorized cylinder with rechargeable batteries which allows various types of wireless devices to open it (like smartphones or remotes), or the D-Smart electrical device which allows for opening the door via smartphone, passcode or electronic keychain.

With innovation, design and practicality, this door is the new must-have of domestic style.


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