Star Tap, Lavazza’s pure water

In addition to offering high-quality coffee, Lavazza can now provide us with a cold cup of water with a revolutionary system of the new Star Tap water dispenser from the group‘s brand Nims. At first sight it looks like a simple coffee machine and, in fact, this compact appliance does take little space; however, it contains state-of-the-art technology to provide us with cold still or sparkling water in just seconds.

This system is simple yet cutting-edge because it is capable of not only filtering and dispensing potable room-temperature water, but also providing it cold and sparkling while guaranteeing the highest quality.

It is the convenient and affordable alternative to classic bottled water, allowing us to eliminate the problem of keeping potable water available, which saves us time, energy and space. Plus, this system can be used at home or in the office and is ready to please all tastes as it allows each of us to choose between still, sparkling, semi-sparkling and room temperature or cold water, and to always have pure and excellent water nearby for preparing herbal teas, tea and infusions. Moreover, providing a lifestyle dedicated to sustainability thanks to the convenient free app on Android and IOS, all you need is a smartphone or tablet to view the status of your dispenser and modify its settings and even see how many plastic bottles you have saved.



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