Lume Crogiolo, Marazzi’s vibrant elegance

For even more contemporary appeal, Marazzi is introducing a new format in the Lume collection with 6×24 cm tiles in four brand-new bright colors: Off White, Beige, Pink, Turquoise, Forest China get added to the already-existing White, Black, Green, Blue, Musk and Greige.

This results in shiny surfaces which are flawless in their intentional and studied imperfection, creating patterns and reflections of light which are full of vibrant energy. Thanks to state-of-the-art technological production and in-depth research on glazes and color, Marazzi reinterprets the beauty of handmade majolica tiles. Haloes, irregularities, speckles, shades and imperfect patterns become the stars of an exclusive mood, as these are the latest refined details making each piece unique.

This collection becomes “custom-made, exclusive” décor which combines a unique format with straight edges in order to create seamless wall-compositions for both residential and contract spaces, and even for decorating floors in private spaces, as long as there is low foot traffic.

The expansion of the Lume family enhances the spirit of the Crogiolo collection even further—created to highlight the beauty of authentic and decorated ceramic with an exquisitely handmade feel. With Lume Crogiolo, Marazzi refreshes artisanal knowhow with a well-researched look and a tendency towards industrial and technological innovation which is synonymous with constant research. The combination of tradition and experimentation once again becomes a stylistic feature which is capable of bringing spaces to life and providing a sense of enveloping and timeless comfort in unmistakable Marazzi style.



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