Scenografie by LATOXLATO, architecture in pots

COVER: Scenografie by LATOXLATO

With the arrival of spring, balconies, windowsills and rooms will be blooming with nature. However, no worries if you don’t have a green thumb; if chosen well, even an empty pot can become a striking piece of décor, like those of the new Scenografie collection from LATOxLATO—the innovative architectonic cachepots which provide a brand-new take on greenery. They are perfect for putting a series of succulent plants on display (which require little care) and create unique natural compositions.

The design workshop founded by Virginia Valenti and Francesco Breganze de Capnist went beyond a simple concept of the plant pot and created a genuine series of miniature architectural landscapes which include a cachepot and backdrop in one. Small theatrical scenes which seem to have come out of a Girogio De Chirico painting, they get the most out of the botanical and fleshy forms of cactus and agaves.

Among the available pieces—all of which are Made In Italy and fit for the outdoors—there is Quinta 1, a sequence of perspective arches somewhere between gothic and romantic style, Quinta 2 evoking the geometric structure of a cathedral, and Quinta 3 with its abstract stairway.

Made in laser-cut, hand-welded and powder-coated iron which is resistant to corrosion, water and aggressive agents, the new cachepots come in a sophisticated palette of micaceous gray, corten and dove gray. They are an ode to Italy’s squares, ducal palaces and renaissance porticos and the unique beauty of succulent plants, as they become the highlights of the décor.


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