Poltrona Frau celebrates and sheds it leather

COVER: © Courtesy Poltrona Frau

“Color is the essence of light and light is the essence of light,” says Felipe Pantone, the multifaceted and dynamic contemporary artist whose art is charged with a propensity for change, an innate passion for the digital realm and an explosive push towards new worlds. And this is precisely where Poltrona Frau got the idea to celebrate its 100+10 years in a revolutionary and unexpected way.

A meeting between the brand and the artist gave birth to the new Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition, the exclusive edition in just 110 pieces of the iconic Archibald armchair designed by Jean Marie Massaud in 2009.

Few Italian furniture companies can boast of a 100-year history which is filled with the same amount of success stories and important collaborations as Poltrona Frau. And, within the company, they must have rightly asked themselves, “how can we celebrate such an important milestone?”. This Marche brand, which has always been able to ride the wave of innovation and knowhow, has never gone beyond its identity. Rather, they have turned it into something timeless and prized (leather manufacturing). However, they have always done it by renewing and updating themselves. That’s why the solution couldn’t help but be a unique and unexpected piece which was also capable of being iconic and symbolic.

Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition plays with evocative light, colors and emotions in an unexpected mix of the analogic and artisanal past and the digital future. The classic Pelle Frau® leather has thus become a kaleidoscopic palette which is sprinkled with reds, oranges, yellows, white and blues, while the metal gets covered in a multicolored, shaded, iridescent and shiny gleam.

This exclusive model with Pelle Frau® single patterns represents Felipe Pantone’s vision through an Impact Less printing process (without the use of chrome and a reduced use of water and chemical components). It is a “tattoo” and luxury armchair which celebrates Poltrona Frau’s anniversary in grand style with a hypnotic outfit which looks as if it comes from the future and a special iridescent plate which attests to its authenticity. It is the latest confirmation of Poltrona Frau’s timeless style which is made up of centuries-old knowhow and a visionary spirit.


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