Concept Connectivity, getting connected to sustainability

Technology and design meet in Concept Connectivity, the new domestic devices which connect us with the world and style. On the occasion of Milano Design Week in June 2022, Deutsche Telekom, the worldwide telecommunications company, will present new devices for the home which were created in collaboration with Studio Layer.

We couldn’t help ourselves and instantly “connected” ourselves to get an early look at this new release. The new collection includes 5 hi-tech domestic gems: a router, a mesh repeater, a set-top box-soundbar with webcam, a set-top box and a remote control.

With simple lines, a discrete interface, a glamorous look, refined and eco-compatible materials and, naturally, all-round connectivity, Concept Connectivity allows for different systems to communicate and share information between themselves in real time. This simple concept is also the modus operandi which governs our everyday lives. All one needs to do is consider all the technological instruments in our daily lives which are connected by an infinite network of interdependent connections. They are what accompany us in our everyday actions and are often left out in sight in the living room, bedroom and study.

That’s why the Concept Connectivity takes contemporary home design into consideration and places a focus on aesthetics and refined details. For example, the natural wood router has a mirror finish which hides the interface when it is off, while the access doors can be found on an external adapter which can be hidden from sight along with the wires. The display turns on by simply grazing the surface and the base can be removed to attach it directly to the wall and connect it to up to six mesh repeaters. Meanwhile, the set-top box-soundbar with webcam gets connected to the television and offers high-quality audio and access to streaming services, and the set top box has a camera with facetracking to optimize the perspective when in use and connects to the TV to access streaming video. Both the set-top box-soundbar and the set-top box can be controlled with a remote control with a trackpad which, once placed on a surface, balances itself, easing its grip and optimizing ergonomics.

For Deutsche Telekom anticipating the needs of contemporary living is what pushes them towards hi-tech solutions and state-of-the-art proposals which are also practical and easy. It’s no coincidence that another one of the brand’s new releases stands out among those for the upcoming Design Week: Augmented Reality Packaging, i.e., an eco-sustainable take (which has been patented by the German company) on augmented reality. This new packaging revolutionizes the concept of the packing of technological products: from simple wrapping which protects the contents, it becomes a tool which is capable of exploring it and its functionalities. In place of classic wrapping, there will be a single printed QR code. All you need to do is frame it with your phone’s camera to verify the package’s contents, check out its instruction manual, verify its characteristics, initialize it and download updates.

It is an apparently simple idea, but is 100% green as it allows one to save paper, ink and handling by eliminating paper manuals. Plus, it is also 100% technological as we will be instantly connected and guided in a custom unboxing and product-configuration experience. By reimagining the entire production process and providing a complete and immersive experience to the user, Deutsche Telekom has pushed sustainable innovation forward, improving our lives and the planet. Simplifying everyday life means thinking in terms of all-round wellbeing.  A prime example is the new MagentaZuHause application which was created to ease and optimize everyday tasks. Its functions range from a notification which tells us when the children get home after school to an extremely useful to-do list which helps us get organized, and the remote management of all the home’s devices, like lamps or routers, by simply using the smartphone, tablet or Magenta TV.

For more than ten years Deutsche Telekom Design has taken a holistic approach to technology. This can be seen in the special Design Galleries in their headquarters in Bonn, Berlin, Darmstadt (and Barcelona now as well), where digital solutions and physical objects are presented directly to customers by teams of engineers and designers, providing state-of-the-art sustainability you can touch with your hands and experience with all your senses.


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