Life is outdoors

Who feels like hiding indoors during these hot summer days? A longing for the outdoors has rapidly grown on us: picnics with friends, sunbathing on the grass and reading a good book.

And now, outdoor furniture is all shiny and new: top quality design and comfy seats accompany us during our hobbies and past times.  This is a real revolution, outdoor living never stops taking us by surprise with its richness of detail and refined style. There are also new furniture typologies and multipurpose pieces equally suited to indoors and out. More and more contemporary, more and more versatile, outdoor furniture results from cutting edge material and texture research which bring to the outdoors the same creature comforts of home.

To guide you along the right path, we’ve turned to Andrea Sacco, owner of interior design store Chave 1890 in Turin, northwest Italy, who has been a key name in the business for over 125 years. Chave is not just about selling furniture, it focuses on the all-around experience: by forging a strong bond with its clients, it blends function with superior aesthetics.  This is what’s made the cut.

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