Summer at the table

Lunch outdoors, happy hours with friends and informal dinners under the stars. Summer means joy and freedom—also in the most convivial moments. These can be organized in the garden or terrace and (why not?) break the traditional rules of etiquette. This opens the possibility of a joyous and unconventional mise en place that plays with geometries and light decorations, veiled transparencies and faded colors. And the tablecloth is just a memory of the most austere invitations; it is best to leave the big wooden table exposed and play with forms and plate, bowl and glass sizes for a fresh and sparkling composition that is an invitation to serve oneself and happily share in dishes and delicacies.

Style details

The transparencies.

These plates, trays, glasses, bowls, carafes, coffee cups and sugar bowls have various patterns that recall gelatin. It is the perfect table set to create a whimsical yet refined mise en place.

ph: collection Jellies Family by Kartell

The glasses of varying heights.

There are never enough glasses in summer. In place of the usual glass ones, one can give free rein to a mix of colors and various sizes in PMMA in order to serves cold drinks, flavored water, wine or juices non-stop.

The “exposed” table.

With such a particular and scenic table set it is best to forget about a tablecloth, runner or fabric. The wooden table is the perfect foundation for warming up the atmosphere and highlighting the transparencies.

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