A colorful table on Easter Monday

COVER: Henriette, Florentia set

With a cotton, yellow-ochre tablecloth, round underplates in pastel tones, and a dish set with bold colors and striking designs, the table is celebrating Easter Monday by setting up a joyous and vibrant picnic at home. The mise en place is purposefully “scattered” for an informal table setting that goes for rounded forms and colorful designs and creates a kaleidoscopic melting pot of dishes, saucers and bowls. Even the glasses give into color and indulge in pastels, while a large leaf acts as a tray for the bouquet of flowers at the center of the table, leaving the final decorative touch to nature.

Style details

The colorful plates.

Whether yellow, orange, green, blue, pink or salmon, these dishes mix bold hues and more delicate shades to create striking designs for a holiday atmosphere.

The round underplates.

Whether in natural or pastel woven wicker, these underplates can be freely mixed and used as placemats for guests and trivets at the center of the table.

The yellow tablecloth.

Slightly wrinkled and in raw linen, it lights up the table with a vibrant touch which makes everyone happy.

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