The balcony becomes an intimate lounge space

COVER: Kartell, Stone stool and Comback chair

Who says that a mini-balcony cannot become the ideal, open-air sitting area? With a bench with two cushions, a chair which imitates a rocking chair and a faceted stool, the balcony becomes a space where you can chat while surrounded by plants. And the color? It is strictly white in order to provide light and balance. And it warms up the space without making it feel small when paired with pale wooden-slats. The flowers and the madeira cushions are also white so as to provide a trendy and chic country look.

Style details

The bench with cushions.

A two-seater minimalist bench becomes a playful loveseat with these striped cushions. It has been made for those who have little space but do not want to give up on having company.



The lounge chair.

Blending innovation and memories of the past, this chair with a high backrest looks like an old rocking chair without the rails.

ph.: chair Comback by Kartell


The transparent stool.

This hour-glass model with a faceted surface plays with reflections of light which provide a sparking touch to the whole space.

ph.: stool Stone by Kartell

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