New living room geometries

COVER: Pedrali,armchair lounge Blume – design Sebastian Herkner

With color blocks and pure geometries, the living room creates the most modern kind of comfort with defined volumes and full tones which mix joy and tranquility. There is a rotund sofa in the most relaxing hue possible, a minimalist chair and pouf in a balanced tone, and a round carpet in sandy shade. Together they create a contemporary and youthful living room that does not give up on the practicality of a coffee table in the middle of the space, comfortable sofa cushions and a lamp that lights up the scene with a discrete yet bold design. With freely matched pieces of furniture, sinuous and delicate curves become this living room’s distinctive trait in order to create a space with a tidy and impeccable design.

I dettagli di stile

The chair.

In place of the typical armchair, this chair with slim armrests gives a modern and fresh touch to the living room.

ph.: armchair lounge Blume by Pedrali

The color blocks.

With full and bold tones in a relaxing palette and elementary and minimalist forms, the living room shows off its attitude and contemporary mood.

The round carpet.

Instead of a rectangular model framing the conversation space, there is a round carpet which gets purposefully moved away from the sofa in order to create a comforting space with a dynamic twist.

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