Modern living room: a total-white sofa between brutalist walls

In this modern living room, a white sectional sofa with sharp and clean-cut forms lights up the room and has been surrounded by various elements to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. We now know for certain that the contemporary living room can be made up of different pieces of furniture with diverse styles and materials to provide aesthetic and formal contrasts.

The room has been furnished with some of Désirée’s latest releases, pairing curvilinear pieces which lighten up the space to the sofa’s austere and minimalist features.

modern living room

PICTURES: Désirée, Sheridan sofa design Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

A brutalist backdrop in the modern living room

This modern living room’s surroundings recall brutalist aesthetics: the unfinished concrete walls and the color of the uniform, resinous, and shiny flooring.  Even the floor lamp contributes to the refined industrial style with its stem, arc, and sculptural stainless-steel lampshade.


The sectional sofa with clean-cut lines

The highlight of the scene is the elegant total-white sectional sofa which has been enhanced by piped trims running along its contours. The seating is ample and comfortable, and the flared trapezoid-shaped backrests and sides provide even more space for comfort.

Everything revolves around the sofa as it attracts looks and brings the other pieces of furniture into its orbit.

An armchair and small side tables

An armchair with an outdoor vibe lies in front of the sofa like a loyal friend with its gentle wooden structure and sinuous backrest. It has been entrusted with the only splash of warmth with its red cushion and roll which recall the abstract painting on the wall.

Two different tables reside at the center of the scene near the sofa. The low and round coffee table also has a light tone and features an ivory hue. And to once again call back to the sofa’s look, the coffee table has a dark-metal minimalist cantilever base.

To complete the scene, there is a small side table with dark tones and a geometric look which adds a touch of practicality.

Style details

The total-white sectional sofa
Geometric and with clean-cut lines and contoured sides, this Nordic-style sectional sofa has been upholstered in white. Supported by a nearly invisible, discrete bronzed metal base, it provides lightness and comfort thanks to its big cushions and the large sides of the backrests.
ph. Sheridan sofa

The ashwood armchair
Discrete and with an enveloping backrest, the armchair invites you to kick back and relax. The armchair and sofa contrast, playing off of one another, and provide a new and original spatial equilibrium.
ph. Eben armchair

The side table
The perfect accessory to pair with the sofa, this “C-shaped” side table has a minimalist top which has been designed for books, glasses, lamps, and decorations.
ph. Ludwig side table

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