Boundless comfort in a sofa

COVER: Désirée, Chic Lovely Day sofa – design Marc Sadler

This living room interprets the concept of comfort with burgundy, velvety materials and large volumes. With creamy and warm tones, enveloping forms and informal geometries, it gives us the permission to give in to intimacy and comfort. There are armchairs ready to embrace us without armrests, a large pouf which becomes a table or bench according to our needs, and a sofa with freestanding and detachable backrests we can place as we wish. Lastly, it includes a soothing and unconventional carpet which is essential for framing the lounge area. So let’s imagine ourselves barefoot, lying on the floor or comfortably taking in the view from the seats, enveloped in in this living room’s warm atmosphere year-round.

Style details

The customizable sofa.

With a deep daybed seat and a detachable backrest, this is the perfect solution for a living room in tune with our needs and desires.

ph: sofa Chic Lovely Day by Désirée

The curved armchair.

This compact chaise longue is a versatile piece which can substitute the traditional armchair and add even more comfort to the room.

The carpet.

Who said it has to go in warm weather? In this neutral white it is perfect for adding brightness (even in summer) and a dreamy sensation that immediately gets us feeling relaxed.

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