The suspended island lightens up the kitchen

COVER: LAGO, 36e8 ktichen – design Daniele Lago

With a glossy monolith which seems to float in mid-air in the center of the room, this kitchen island plays with a suspended equilibrium of bold, quasi-ethereal and light volumes which provide a surprising effect. The surfaces are shiny, the spaces well-defined and full, but the island’s transparent base provides the entire space with a delicate, dreamlike dynamism. The cooking and sink area are concentrated around the central island, while the bright-white wall cabinets conceal dishes and appliances with functional and contemporary rigor. There is just one detail which breaks the bold look of the shiny glass surfaces: the wooden snack bar which, with a traditional kitchen’s country look, immediately warms up the atmosphere and softens the metropolitan style. It all adds up to a bold kitchen which does not give up on a family atmosphere.

Style details

The wooden counter.

With bold veining and the natural tone of wood, this counter warms up the entire space.
ph.: kitchen 3e8 by LAGO

The transparent base.

The quasi-invisible transparent legs provide the island with a suspended look, and the monolithic piece instantly becomes lighter and “less bulky”.

The hidden hood.

With full geometries both above and below, the hood remains hidden and finishes off this composition in the center of the room, highlighting its interplay of volumes and lightness.

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