Wood and steel for the perfect metropolitan kitchen

COVER: Ernestomeda, Sign kitchen – design Giuseppe Bavuso

With a steel countertop and a wooden island, the contemporary kitchen focuses on the contrast between metallic shine and the warmth of natural veining. The style is austere and purely functional. In fact, the well-organized island even includes a snack bar and a shelf for hanging glasses. Meanwhile, an oversized shelf replaces the traditional wall unit and also conceals lights and a hood. Clean lines, sleek details and minimalism create an urban-chic look with a convivial feel, no frills, and plenty of practicality. There is a refined balance of minimal volumes so the kitchen can be experienced as the new heart and soul of contemporary home design.

I dettagli di stile

The steel countertop.

The countertop descends and embraces the wooden island. The contrast between these two materials becomes a chic detail which provides sophisticated and contemporary elegance.

The shelf for glasses.

This minimalist shelf provides a sleek design and a place to hang and keep glasses within reach.

The oversized shelf and hood.

Sleek, delicate and as long as the island, this large shelf is practical for organizing pots and dishware, setting up plants and vases and conceals lights and a hood.

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