In the kitchen, high-tech meets your guests

COVER: Dada, kitchen Banco

Travel in time and find yourself in the future with this high-tech kitchen. The wide and bright room, where elegance and comfort meet, is the perfect space for entertaining guests  and spending delightful evenings. Here you can find all the ingredients for a familiar space devoted to social activities: rational furniture, wide tables, see-through surfaces and glimpses of steel.  Let cooking become an inspirational activity, and receiving guests a daily pleasure.

Our must-haves

Central island. 

Central island, with a maxi “snack surface”. Be in good company while enjoying every moment in your kitchen.

The table. 

It’s a must: light, almost invisible, but with a strong personality. To be left in the corner and used for formal dinners.

Maxi cupboard.

Surrounded by glass screens, it has the distinct feel of a theatrical stage. Everything has to be in order, but the kitchen gains light and space.

Wall-mounted appliances, integrated in a steel block.

They are separated from the rest of the kitchen, and they give a professional feel to the whole environment.

Our style notes

Glass and steel.

The perfect couple of high-tech style: modern, elegant, functional, stark and bright.

Firm design.

Pure and marked geometric lines, without frills or rounded shapes (excluding the table). The style of the future doesn’t compromise.

Wooden wall units.

They warm up the environment and evoke the typical feel of a family home. Better combine at least two of them.

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